Frost CJB performs with Gregg Bissonette

Max Schwartz with Gregg Bissonette

On Thursday, September 14, I had the great pleasure of performing with one of the most versatile and accomplished drummers in the biz, Gregg Bissonette. Gregg is well known for playing drums in Ringo and the All-Starrs, (imagine playing drums alongside RINGO! Nerves galore, am I right?) as well as David Lee Roth, but before both, he played with his big band hero, Maynard Ferguson.

Gregg came to Frost to do a couple of clinics and to work with the Concert Jazz Band. What stood out to me through his residency was his positivity and his obvious love for music. He has had gigs that many people dream of playing, and yet he still treats every moment like a gift. Of course, he was a guest at our school, but in his masterclasses, he acted as if HE was the lucky one. His presence at the Frost School reiterated one of the most difficult lessons for music students to learn in college: BE GRATEFUL! I have a feeling his visit to Frost will be one of the most important memories I will remember from college. Thank you Gregg!!

Having a ball playing with Gregg!