Mini-tour with Carolyn Kendrick and Zoe Guigueno this March!!!

I’m so excited to be bringing down two amazing and versatile musicians to South Florida — Carolyn Kendrick and Zoe Guigueno!

You may know Zoe Guigueno from her work as the bassist for bluegrass-supergroup, Della Mae. She is also a captivating singer-songwriter and a great guitar player too. Check out her website to see her in her many elements. She is also the bluegrass bass teacher on Peghead Nation (whose course my stepmom is currently taking). We’ve never played before, but I am a huge fan of her musicianship and can’t wait to get to work with her!!

Carolyn and I played in a band called the Page Turners, which she formed with mandolinist Jake Howard back in 2016. Carolyn just moved to Nashville last year and is taking the scene by storm with her new EP, “Tear Things Apart,” which I had the pleasure of playing bass on last September. She’s a great songwriter, fiddler, guitar player, and also happens to be one of my closest pals.

The three of us will be playing in West Palm Beach at Tim Givens’s warehouse on Saturday, March 21, and then at Russell Mofsky’s place on Sunday, March 22. Then Carolyn will head home 🙁 but Zoe and I will be playing duo at Penny Lane Emporium on Monday, March 23. Hoots and hollers will be made, as well as some great memories.

Check back on this post or on my calendar for details for each gig!!!